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The 5P Team

5P’s greatest strength is its people – a team of devoted individuals driven by passion to improve how clinicians forecast and preventing post-concussive problems in children. Our integrative team represents a large number of disciplines throughout Canada: We have assembled a national team of experts across the full spectrum of mild traumatic brain injury disciplines (pediatric subspecialties of: emergency medicine, sports medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nursing) in order to complete the necessary research to better diagnose, prognosticate and treat PCS in children.

Team Lead (CHEO)
  • Dr. Roger Zemek

Co-Prinicpal Investigator (CHEO)
  • Dr. Martin Osmond

National Coordinator (CHEO)
  • Candice McGahern

  • Dr. Roger Zemek (nominated PI)
  • Dr. Martin Osmond (co-PI)
  • Candice McGahern (National coordinator)
  • Dr. Anne Balkissoon-Grool
  • Dr. Ken Farion
  • Dr. Natalie Breese
  • Dr. Michael Vassilyadi
  • Dr. Peter Anderson
  • Dr. Nicholas Barrowman
  • Dr. Franco Momoli
  • Mary Aglipay
  • Yael Kamil

University of Ottawa
  • Dr. Blaine Hoshizaki
  • Dr. Heidi Sveistrup
  • Coralie Rochefort

Children’s Hospital – London Health Sciences Centre
  • Dr. Gurinder Sangha

Stollery Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. William Craig
  • Dr. Lawrence Richer

  • Dr. Kathy Boutis

University of Toronto
  • Dr. Michelle Keightley

IWK Health Centre
  • Dr. Emma Burns

Alberta Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Stephen Freedman
  • Dr. Karen Barlow
  • Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis
  • Dr. Willem Meeuwisse
  • Dr. Brian Brooks
  • Dr. Keith Yeates

CHU Sainte-Justine
  • Dr. Jocelyn Gravel
  • Dr. Miriam Beauchamp

McGill University Health Centre
  • Dr. Sasha Dubrovsky
  • Dr. Isabelle Gagnon

Winnipeg Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Darcy Beer
  • Dr. Terry Klassen

McMaster University
  • Carol DeMatteo

National Childrens Medical Centre
  • Dr. Gerard Gioia

Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Bill Meehan
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